Why use Application Configuration Packages (Advantages)

  • Last Post 17 July 2019
chana05 posted this 29 May 2018

This post is to answer a common question of why should we use the new feature Application Configuration Packages in App 9.

These are the advantages according to my point of view:

Group Custom Objects 

Using Application configuration packages, it is possible to group several custom objects together and handle all those as a single unit. This is useful when there is a considerable large change, which involves several custom objects.


Handling as a single unit

Since application configuration packages can be exported and imported as a unit, this make administration much easier.


Version Control

A version can be specified when exporting application configuration packages. Usually development work are carried out in development environment. Then it will be imported to a test environment and finally to production (live) environment.


Version information helps to identify the states of each environment, which helps in administration.



In application configuration package, it is possible to specify creator (owner) of the package. This helps to identify who did the changes and hence imposes security and also helps in proper change management concepts.



chana05 posted this 17 July 2019

You can export the package. When you do this, you can assign a version number too.

If you have multiple items in your package, I would recommend you to export as a zip file.


Then simply import to the other environment using Import Configuration window.


Here you can see if there are issues. This happens usually if you are importing a new version of an existing package.

When you import from here, system will import the configuration and publish automatically if there are no errors.

If you get errors, you can fix the errors and then publish from App configuration package itself.