Serial Object updating serial number

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Thatguy posted this 12 June 2018


In the standard IFS solution, a serial object ID is created from the combination of the Part # and Serial #. 

If that is the case, does it mean that this serial object can no longer have a change of part# or serial#? What happens if you attempt to update the serial object with a new serial#? Does the system create a new object? 


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chana05 posted this 20 June 2018

I believe so, but I'm not an expert in maintenance area. 

As I see there is a direct connection between part no and serial no to the serial object, which cannot be changed.

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Nad01 posted this 25 June 2018

From App9, it is possible to change serial number of a serial object

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ifsmaintbuddy posted this 29 June 2018

Its possible to change serial number only in case of VIM object as per F1 documentation. But will not hold good if you are using it in 'Service and Maintenance' module (Service Management or EAM Solution). I tried this case with SM/EAM Serial object, system will not allow to do so and error pops-up saying ---> 'The serial exists in Service Management and cannot be renamed'.




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