Running a migration job to Return Parts

  • Last Post 01 February 2018
Thatguy posted this 17 January 2018


I would like to check if this is a standard IFS function or a customised solution. If it is standard IFS function, then does anyone know if it is even possible to create a migration job to do this return function/move part to inventory?

Looking at the debugger, there are a lot of methods getting called and the pop-up windows makes it quite difficult to create a migration job. Would appreciate if anyone has experience creating such migration jobs. Thank you.



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chana05 posted this 22 January 2018


Interesting question! In my experience, lot of standard functionalities can be mapped to migration jobs. You just have to identify which methods needs to be executed, how and in what order.

Of course the example you have given is a complex scenario because it involves part costing elements. What you have to do is to execute same methods you see in debug console in that order (some of the methods can be omitted too). It gets tricky since you have to use values returned from previous methods in later steps.

In your case, these are the steps you have to run:

Temporary_Part_Cost_Detail_API.Generate_Default_Details - In this step, use Temporary_Part_Cost_Detail_API.Get_Next_Cost_Detail_Id to get the cost detail id.

Then you have to modify this TEMPORARY_PART_COST_DETAIL with values you want to set, like cost_source_id.

After that you can run WORK_ORDER_RETURNS_API.Return_To_Inventory to perform return to inventory transaction.

If you are not familiar with IFS technical architecture, it would be better to approach someone with experience. It would be hard to give you instructions with a written post.

Thatguy posted this 01 February 2018

We need to have you back here for a couple of weeks again. haha. I will try exactly what you say and see if I don't get too lost.