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Thatguy posted this 10 May 2018


Does anyone know how exactly does the RCM toolkit works? We are thinking of implementing it if it can help streamline our maintenance activities and make it easier to implement and execute maintenance tasks. 


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ifsmaintbuddy posted this 29 June 2018

May I know which version of IFS Application you are using ?

NeoVibhin posted this 09 August 2019

The current RCM solution works as an extended tool kit. There are certain standard webservices which integrate the toolkit with the IFS EAM. A. It is best used with the Structured Failure Management, rather than with the basic EAM usage .With the basic EAM you would be able to derive base FMEA and repetitive failure info.

B. Equipment data, failure data and Equipment utilization data along with the PM tasks gets shared with the toolkit.

C. The toolkit supports various analysis.

Note, this is not generally available for a demo. Needs to be purchased, configured and then analysed.