Prohibit export of contacts into excel

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Viktoria posted this 08 August 2019


how to disable the export of customer contacts into excel?

We need to only disable the output button/RBM on contacts. It should remain in the other windows.

Is the a way to do this?


Many thanks for an advice.


NeoVibhin posted this 09 August 2019


Outputs is a general feature of all screens on IFS. While there is no configuration within IFS which will enable or disable or control OUTPUTS into excel from individual screens, technically this is feasible from outside IFS.

Please read further with fair disclaimer that the proposed solutions are "speculative" in nature and not a "been there -done that" tested and delivered solutions :

a. The functionality of Output works through the client machine and the local available Excel software on the client machine. A background task reader can be built with the following features:

b. By enabling a WINDOWS READER, which catches this exception, through the ScreenName, and Excel  (or text or csv or html)  OR alternatively catches Excel exception, by reading the column names. Once the fields contain the customer id, address id, state etc, then close the application with a warning message that this is not allowed.

c. Another alternative is to have a bot ( costlier solution) which will STOP the click on output context pane for the customer contacts.


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