Parts Data Migration to IFS 7.5

  • Last Post 12 April 2021
vgupta19 posted this 28 March 2021

Hi All,

We have a requirement to migrate the Parts Data from IFS 2003 to IFS 7.5 Instance. We have all Inventory Parts, Purchase Parts and sales parts, parts catalog. I am new to IFS and do not know about how can we migrates parts into IFS application either using excel sheet or some other way.

Any help is much appreciated.  It would be great help if I get some links to step by step migration tasks we may need to perform to move the parts data from IFS 2003 to IFS 7.5




chana05 posted this 12 April 2021

There are several ways. You can export data into excel using data migration in application itself.

But the easier way would be to use Data Migration Toolkit. This allows you to export data with other connected data sets in one go and import it to other system the same. You have to pay for IFS in this case, but would worth it considering the time-saved.