Mass Export Documents from IFS to Local drive

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Thatguy posted this 29 January 2019

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to call a function to export Documents from IFS to our local drive? 

When I do it manually, it calls up the following functions.



Creating these functions as a migration job processed successfully but without the file actually getting saved in the local drive. So I was just wondering if it is actually possible or IFS doesn't support it. 


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Thatguy posted this 29 January 2019

Silly me just realized that I can select multiple documents on the Documents Revision page and copy them all at 1 go. 

But just out of curiosity sake, is it even possible to call up the above 2 functions thru a migration job to save the files? 

chana05 posted this 08 February 2019

If the documents are saved in the DB, then you can use a DB script (using utl_file) and export them to a DB directory.

To export it to local drive, you may have to use javascript functions inside PL/SQL.

Please refer to this thread:Oracle: write a file to to a client PC

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