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adarsh katiyar posted this 22 October 2019

Hello All,


  Kindly assist us that how can use crystal report file into order report.

   please guide me step by step. how can use crystal report into ifs order report.

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Manulak Dis posted this 22 October 2019

When it comes to Crystal, there's nothing much you should worry about, as long as the Report Object exists in the Report Defnintion.

But, first it should be clear that the Crystal is the layout, but there should be a report object in the ReportDefinitions to have it visible on OrderReports.

What's your case, are you going to create a new IFS report object, and add a Crystal layout to it, or you just need to create a new crystal layout to an existing IFS Report?

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adarsh katiyar posted this 22 October 2019

I create add new crystal report layout (.RPT FILE)  in the report definition .

whenever i add layout , then its not work while i execute the report.

i never user crystal report layout in report definition , that why.

i used only order report with help of design Report designer  tool.

Please suggest me , step by step , how to add and how to execute without error.


Manulak Dis posted this 27 October 2019

Ok, it's so hard to give a step by step guide here, but you can use IFS tech documentation. It's described there.

What's the report name as appeared in Report Definitions?