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adarsh katiyar posted this 28 September 2019

Hello All,


   I want add or remove,update data from IFS Applicaiton framwork,


how can use debug console which is my task will be easy for me.

where i fetch code where i see all code respected.

Kindly show me step by step ,

Thanks in advance

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chana05 posted this 16 October 2019

Look for the entry in debug console with 'server invoke'. This contains the actual PL/SQL or SQL statement executed.

Select this line and in bottom window the SQL will appear. 

There are 2 options there:

Copy - which will simply copy the statement without additional data (before App9, without bind variables)

Copy Special - which will give you a code segment with all bind variables. You can simply run this in a SQL tool like PL/SQL Developer or SQL Developer