Customer Payment data entry date

  • Last Post 28 May 2020
MFK7625 posted this 07 May 2020

Hello, if I input data in the Customer Payment screen, is there a way to write a quick report (or a customizable report) that would tell me the date that the entry was made by a user?

I was told that I could find that data in the GL voucher Details Analysis; however, when I go to the entry date/entered by, the user name is different than the AR person who entered the data in the Customer Payment screen.

Can someone help me understand where I can go to see the actual date that the Customer Payment was made in IFS? Is there such a screen? I'm not convinced that GL voucher details analysis is the correct screen....



Elsa posted this 28 May 2020


You can find the entry date and the user information in GL Vouchers analysis and in voucher detail report  but that is the same information from GL voucher details analysis