Custom fields on reports?

  • Last Post 14 June 2019
madiha.fathima posted this 13 June 2019

Have anyone tried displaying custom field on reports? Reports designed on Crystal reports and specifically operational reports?

Manulak Dis posted this 14 June 2019

Yes, but you need to check these prerequisites before having them enabled to be on a Report Designer Report, as below.

1. The "available on report" option of the CF should be checked on CF editor. The particular ReportDefinition should have the "Enable custom fields" option ticked".

2. The particular report RPI should contain required calls for CFAPIs' procedures which allows the report method to collect CF related data for the data XML.
(Ex: Report_Lu_Definition_API. Clear_Custom_Fields_For_Report(‘MODULE_REP’ )

3. The RDL (Report Designer report layout) should be edited to contain the CF on to the report.

CFs aren't supported directly to be added to Crystal Reports (regardless of its being a quick report or an operational report) but it's possible by a complex Crystal report design.


If it's still not working, i.e. if you think you've done everything right, but no CF shows up in the XML?


  1. Check the report definition if the report has been enabled for CF
  2. Check in IFS EE that a CF attribute has been added to the LU correctly
  3. Check if the RDF (<report>_RPI) has the necessary code to generate the XML with the CF
  4. Check if the CF has data to be shown