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jdoherty posted this 23 September 2020

I am doing an upgrade of custom events and fields in Applications 10. I have two instances of Apps 10: In one instance I am adding all the custom events and custom fields to configuration packages. I am then importing those package in another instance of Apps10. The custom events in the packages already exist in the Apps10 instance I am importing them to. However when I import them it tells me that the custom event already exists (which is true) and in the case of the custom fields it does not overwrite the the existing field, it creates a new one with “_2” appended to the name.

When I was creating the packages there wasn’t a setting to allow me to overwrite the object I am exporting if it already exists in the IFS instance that I import it to. Likewise when i imported the package I was not given the option to overwrite the object if it already exists. Is this the way Configuration Packages  work? It isn’t possible for me to delete all the objects in the db before the import.

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jdoherty posted this 24 September 2020

According to this link I cannot overwrite existing objects:

“There is no support for delivering a package that will remove custom objects that has been created by previous versions of the package and now are considered obsolete”


Very disappointing 

jdoherty posted this 25 September 2020

Actually I am incorrect; a custom field or event action will overwrite the same custom event or field when imported to an IFS instance from a configuration package if when you export the configuration package you enter a version number and a configuration package with the same version name does not exist on the target instance.

However for custom events it will not overwrite it, it says it is already present.