conditional Crystal Report formula cuts off Crystal viewer/PDF export page

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madiha.fathima posted this 14 October 2019


I have a Quick Report->on Crystal reports. It was working fine until i modified a formula; now with new update on formula report cuts off page(show only half page on IFS) and pdf export. It is good if user exports to excel. I also observed that users having latest pdf i.e. 2019 reader do not have this issue, only users having 2015 reader see their report page is half.

My report formula is conditional; something like;

if company =10 and year<2019 then account_balance.amount

else if company =20 and year>=2019 then account_balance.amount 

so I am trying to show amount in same column on this condition. Earlier formula had only if part

Any idea on what would be the root cause ? TIA

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Manulak Dis posted this 19 October 2019

Hi, I have few questions.

1. Did you mean to say that the report is correctly appeared inside IFS Crystal viewer?

2. The cutoff issue comes only when exported it (via IFS Crystal Viewer) to PDF format, and opened it via 2015 Acrobat reader?

3. If you provide the same parameter values and render the report inside Crystal Designer, and export it to PDF and tested, does the 2015 reader still cuts it off?


madiha.fathima posted this 23 October 2019

1. No Report appears cut off to half the columns(we have 20 columns with Tabloid page setup) on IFS Crystal viewer. And this is happening only on machine's where PDF reader 2015 is installed(only show 10 columns on IFS). If someone has 2019 reader version report shows all 20 columns and exports well

2. Yes, problem is always when exported/viewed on IFS viewer. On crystal report out of IFS it is good(with 2019 reader )

3. I couldn't test on 2015 machine as this version is only on one user. All our other development machines has 2019 reader 

Manulak Dis posted this 27 October 2019

Well, there's no connection between IFS Crystal Viewer and Acrobat Reader.  IFS Crystal Viewer is purely a Crystal product embedded to IFS EE client. It loads the temporary byte stream of type rpt, whihc is retrieved via the response from the webservircie call to Crystal Web Service.

It's hard to pinpoint why the IFS EE client shows a broken quick report depending on the Acrobat version, where it's totally not needed in IFS Quick Report perspective. Maybe you need to find more information by investigation in a machine where the issue is reproducible.